The Gear You Need, The Expertise You Want

With almost 50 years experience in Technical Rescue, we don’t just have all the equipment you may need, we also have the expertise to advise you on everything from which bail out bag is best for your personal use, to curating a customized wilderness rescue pack, or fully outfitting a team for specialty needs such as silo rescue.

Our counsel has been sought by professional and government teams that have worked on everything from rope rescues in local state parks to the initial rescue response in NYC on 9/11 and the extended rescue efforts after hurricane Katrina.

Experience Sets Us Apart

All of our sales team have years of experience in the field of technical rescue. Some may specialize in one discipline over another, but with us you will always be guaranteed to be able to speak with someone who can answer your questions right the first time.

A legacy of personalized service

We believe that those who are involved in emergency services need more than just a place to buy equipment. They need someplace they can get advice and suggestions, a place they can talk through their needs with experienced people who will help them determine what will work best for them on the available budget. Whether you’re purchasing for your department or team, or if you’re an individual, we will give you the time and attention that you deserve.

The Equipment & Training

All in One Place

We believe nothing is more important than knowledge. We start with the basics, teaching students how to use minimal equipment to accomplish a rescue. This doesn’t mean that we don’t teach using the latest equipment, it means that when you learn from us, you will develop the foundational skills necessary to complete a rescue without the latest equipment and gain the confidence to handle the newest gear safely and effectively.

Newburgh Rescue Supply:

A perfect synthesis of what you want and what you need